Helping Believers Worship In Spirit And in Truth

Ths one
How do you make people worship? The short answer is, you can’t. It is humanly impossible to make people worship. Regardless of the talent of the musician, the mood of the worship service, the expertise of the worship media, or the volume of the music, nobody can make another person truly worship. That being said, a worship leader or worship pastor should strive to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to worship. A better issue to consider is that of helping people worship. How do you do it? Leading worship is a task fraught with pitfalls. You must prayerfully navigate away from false forms of worship, like  self-worship, empty worship, worship for show, and so on. Helping people worship is not about making people worship, as mentioned above.  Worship is about God and for God. At New Life Apostolic, we believe in giving God the ultimate sacrifice of praise. The atmosphere of God provides a liberty and freedom to worship God freely.  We have an awesome praise and worship team, led by Sis. Darla Denmon, that helps create a wonderful atmosphere of praise and worship. Through praise and worship, lives can be changed, broken hearts mended, and souls filled with the Holy Ghost.